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November 14, 2018

Space tech startup Freefall touts successful test with NASA

November 14th, 2018|Media Coverage|

November 14 2018, Nick Esquer of Arizona Chamber News As a nation, we’ve been through spells of obsession with the idea of heading into space and exploring the final frontier. And with movies like First Man and genius/Bond villains like Elon Musk planning to shoot themselves into space for whatever reason, space is cool again. But one place where the cosmos has never been in flux as far as interest is the University of Arizona, a place where space industry startups are popping up, like Freefall Aerospace. The UofA technology spinoff [...]

October 11, 2018

Tucson Tech: NASA balloon test big step for UA antenna spinoff

October 11th, 2018|Media Coverage|

Oct 11, 2018, David Wichner Arizona Daily Star One of Tucson’s latest New Space industry startups took a big step forward recently when a prototype of its spherical antenna hitched a ride on NASA’s newest and biggest research balloon. Freefall Aerospace, a University of Arizona technology spinoff founded by UA astronomy professor Chris Walker and NASA veteran Doug Stetson, demonstrated its high-efficiency antennas for small satellites in a test flight Aug. 17 from Fort Sumner, New Mexico. The flight test, a first for Freefall’s antenna, was conducted with other experiments [...]

October 9, 2018

FreeFall Tests Spherical Antennas at 159,000 feet on NASA’s Largest Balloon

October 9th, 2018|News|

FreeFall Tests Spherical Antennas at 159,000 feet on NASA’s Largest Balloon Innovative antennas provide high-bandwidth communications for small satellites FreeFall Aerospace, a Tucson-based startup founded by Chris Walker and Doug Stetson, recently demonstrated its wide field of view, electronically steerable, high-gain antennas for small satellites.  The test, from NASA’s 60 million cubic foot stratospheric balloon at a record-breaking sustainable altitude of 159,000 ft., was completed on August 17th. This eight-hour test marks a breakthrough for the emerging small satellite industry. “This test was a big step forward for FreeFall [...]

August 17, 2018

FreeFall Antenna Technology flew on NASA 60 Million Cubic Foot Balloon!

August 17th, 2018|News|

In partnership with the University of Arizona, the first flight test of FreeFall's advanced steerable antenna system is underway in New Mexico. The flight lifted off this morning on the new NASA 60 million cubic foot balloon. It can reach an altitude of 150,000-160,000 feet in the air as we study the antenna capabilities. This is a key step in demonstrating FreeFall's spherical reflector and beam steering technology and a giant leap toward eventual spaceflight. NASA's new 60 million cubic foot balloon with FreeFall Antenna Technology FreeFall's Spherical [...]