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FreeFall Spherical Antenna in Space

We’re at the edge of space!

FreeFall’s spherical reflector technology is shown here at over 159,000 feet above New Mexico riding on NASA’s “Big 60” Balloon .
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Revolutionary Intelligent Antenna Systems for the 5G Era

Fast, reliable, low-cost access to large volumes of data is one of the most critical capabilities that will define the future.

FreeFall’s unique 3-dimensional phased array antenna technology can provide high data rate communication at virtually any frequency at a fraction of the size and cost of any existing solution.

  • Fully electronic beam steering and 360 degree coverage dramatically reduces cost and complexity

  • Cutting-edge “Find and Follow” algorithms will be key to enabling the fully connected mobile systems envisioned for the 5G future

  • Incredibly small, lightweight, and low power

  • Solutions for ground and space

More than ever before, data moves the world…

And from business, to defense, to transportation, to the coming 5G revolution

FreeFall moves the data

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